By: EV. Godfrey Blessed Son
Christians we got a problem that we think is a strength… The bible says if we got to be proud then we should be because of Christ who is in us
Otherwise its sinful . then why should we run to be feared by they that haven’t gotten the light? Should we instead not minister Christ to them? Shall we live running into solitary so as not to entangle with sinners? The bible speaks against being equally yoked, which is doing what they do, go where they go, etc. Not to not even know what they go through, the challenges of life. We need to be there for them to show them the way not to misuse them and look down upon them. Jesus said. Forget not about my mercies that you may judge others.
We need to change the perspective of our Christian life’s and like Christ get down to our beloved,lost in all sort of sin, that we may bring them to the light of God…. Its Go yee not to the believers but the whole world,meaning everybody…. Shall we raise to the challenge or we will still “wait for Christ to come and meet us in our comfort zones “? # remember he will not come if every soul hears Not the word. Who said they all have heard it….. Shalom