when John the baptist came to prepare the way for the LORD,He never went to ANY bible theology,in fact the bible does not record that anybody taught him to preach,when JESUS came,the bible indicates,that the baby JESUS went to the temple to teach and everybody who heard him was amazed at his knowledge and when the HOLY SPIRIT landed on him while he was baptised he began preaching..he didn’t go to any theological school…When the Samaritan woman encountered JESUS,she immediately went to the village preaching,she didn’t go for any theological class,when Paul,the murderer,met JESUS,he never went to any bible theology but the HOLY SPIRIT infilled him once and he began preaching,same to the disciples and the bible records,when they saw their courage,they realised they were unschooled,ordinary men (ACTS 4:13)….when peter who denied JESUS, encountered the HOLY SPIRIT,He began preaching immediately, without going to bible
theology and 3000 people gave their lives to JESUS on that day. where then did theology come from??lets go on,.before JESUS ascended,he said,l am going to the father,but l will not leave you as orphans but l will send you the HOLY SPIRIT who will teach and empower you for service,,he did not say,l am going,but you will have to go for bible theology in order to preach lets ask ourselves,where did the COMPROMISE IN CHURCH,come from?where has the
modernity in church and knocking out the program of the HOLY SPIRIT in most churches come from?people have left the true gospel and now they are compromising the GOSPEL of JESUS. where did false hood in church come from? false apostles,false prophets,false teachers,who cannot even rebuke sin in church,but are after,sowing seeds and selling anointing oil..Prosperity all over,THE HOLY SPIRIT SAYS that in the last days servants will stop preaching the cross and the blood of JESUS and begin teaching what pleases the flesh,that which is sweet to hear…what about the cross and the blood of JESUS? what about the HOLY SPIRIT? does it mean you do not trust the HOLY SPIRIT to teach you??. hey!!!!do you need bible theology college or only need the HOLY SPIRIT TO EMPOWER YOU AND SERVE GOD RIGHT??