Before Jesus came the word (law) was taught by the teachers of the law but when He went to teach in the synagogues, they were amazed not because the word was different but He had a clear understanding of who He was and His position thus He taught with authority. To ascertain further His authority He forgave sin, order demons to leave,healed the sick.. And more than teachers of law News about Him spread everywhere.
When one understands their position,
1. They control how things flow
2. They run to fulfil their purpose mark1:38
3. They doesn’t call for praises but walks in humility. Mark1:44
4. They are never held up by the currents..mark1:37
5. They crave to seek the Lord mark1:35
6. They don’t rest unless the gospel is preached. Mark1:38.

No matter they that came before us if we are truly God’s, then let’s be sure He will distinguish us from them that are false.