As Jesus went on with his ministry preaching the gospel and demonstration of power, the Pharisees who were with him step by step so as to down Him from exposing the truth which they sat on from age to age. Mark 3:6 they planned together with the herodias on how they could kill Jesus, but as the truth uncovered, people thirsted for more of it not letting Jesus to be alone.. They gathered wherever He was to hear the great news..(God will forever be where His word is and will cause people thirst for it…as its written somewhere that blessed are the feet that stands on Zion bringing the glad tidings).. With the Heavenly back up Jesus forged forward to speak the word and doing good even on sabbath.. Limitation He overcame by no hearkening to them.
As a minister of the gospel, focus on the truth and look not on your oppressor for they are not your business… But the great commission is.. Shalom..