Humility is much of self-denial to fulfil an interest of someone else. Considering the need of others with more weight than personal interests. Therefore, the greatest service to God from a man is to serve just as Christ did.
In reference to Philippians 2:1-6
Uniting is making one in all dimensions: thinking, acting etc. A people united is a people with a common purpose. Focused into achieving a common goal through a laid strategy in one mind and Spirit.
A church that is raised in one mind and united by one spirit, it is a church with a purpose that is agreed upon by the parties involve to avoid diverse doctrines of diverse religions/ denominations but rather should be that which Christ is the epicenter.
Looking on the many religions coming up today we have to be vigilant not to be victims of false doctrines which diverts us from the truth. Thus, coming in an agreement to be one for the purpose of Christ, the oneness in Spirit should and Must be the key factor.
Then if were are a generation or a people that has been raised in one mind with Christ may we stand strong to forge forward the gospel of Christ.
It is out of humility that we realize the love that Christ of. It is out of humility that we can love the people we live with. It is out of humility that we can accommodate a people forsaken by the world. And it’s all out of humility that we can take the gospel of Christ should be spoken to people of different races, languages without discrimination.
Humility will always lead us to our brothers the Muslims, Buddhist, Rasta-Farians and all other religions that has not known of Christ who is the only way to the Father.
When we values others above ourselves we have a recognition of Christ in our lives. When we value others above ourselves we have realized the importance of the salvation that we have. When we values others above ourselves we have realized the importance and the purpose of our calling and why salvation came to us before them and the importance of Christ’s death on the cross for nations and not just for us.
This is because it helps s to humble ourselves just as Christ humbled Himself for the purpose of my life and your life. For if it wasn’t of His humility, our lives could not be as they but just as like for those we look down upon.
Not looking to your own interest but each of you to the
It is in most cases that we realize that we have very diverse interests in our lives. And a person who focus just his interest is selfish and has no heart for others not even for Christ Himself. This is because Christ had a heart for the nations. He was not selective in terms of tribes, races or languages and that’s why He was categorical when He said “…go ye to the Nations…”

Therefore, what are the interests of others that I may mind of them less mine? The interests of different people depends on the situations within their environment. To the Asian, European, and all Nations of the earth, all they want is peace, to have a reconciled nation that has a hope and a future. Thus if we mind of their interest which is to get peace, we have to take it to them which is only acquired through Christ who is Peace Himself.
We have to realize the importance that we have after receiving salvation. Christ did not reside in use to sleep with us in our bedrooms for that was not His purpose but rather go with us even as we reach people and making them Disciples of Christ.
A people with no Christ have no mind of living or hope for peace that is why we have people are always busy in coming up with deadly weapons that can wipe out the world at a single blast. To them doing away with the world would solve their mysteries. What of you who already has a remedy for them which is Christ? Shall we leave glued on the screens of TVs just to be informed of how people are becoming innovative in nuclear weapons and all we do is pity them while we can safe them!
How can they Know unless someone has taken the gospel to them… we have been sent therefore lets go to them that they may Know of Christ Himself.
Let religion not eat us up for Christ is not found in religion but which is a man’s devised way to seek God but rather let’s stick to Christ who is the way to the Father.