Salvation to and for all is not by the works of men for God’s full intention was that no one credits himself for the salvation received but all credit should be to the almighty. (Ephesian 2:8).
Grace is the unmerited favor/ unworked for/ unworthy for, since it is met to save a wreck without discrimination. If many reflects on their past in terms of the really where, they just have no words enough to thank the Lord.
John3:16… for God so Loved the world that he gave … the love of God to human kind is the only thing that blinds him of His treasurer (His son Jesus Christ). This love made him release his son to be a subject into the authorities of men (for a while) so as to die in their hands and bring an everlasting redemption into their lives through His blood on the cross. This same love, hardened the heart of God even not too listen to His own son as he was dying on the cross till he fully brought back to us the authority. Hebrews 2:8-12.
Paul, who was the church persecutor, the worst of all sinners, was saved through this same grace and even appointed as an apostle to a people who were not in the line of salvation, a people who were not from the nation of the Jews, a people who had no God, the gentiles. But the unfailing love of God reached to them all making them a people of a nation of God. This great love of God is burning and patiently waiting for us. God is saving and calling a generation that shall stand in faith to proclaim of this great love and the power of redemption in the blood of Christ.
To us he has given authority over all powers of darkness even to command the men who teach the wrong doctrines who ought to teach the law that they do not know. That which was meant to curbs those that hide not the glorious gospel of the blessed God which is entrusted to the saints.
Thus, as believer of Christ and those that chose to believe in him, lets hold to the promises of God and the prophesies made to us that we may fight this fight to the end with the peace of the heart.