Christ Witnessed at Cheimen, Kericho
Christ Witnessed at Cheimen, Kericho

Evangelism is the proclamation of the historical biblical Christ with an aim of winning one to the walk with Christ into eternity.
It entails looking and seeing beyond the outward of a person. i.e. education,wealth,dressing etc.
Levels of Evangelism
Sharing the Gospel with people where there are no barriers to cross.These kind of level is were the people engaged are just the unborn again with not other conflicting issues.
Sharing the Gospel were the only major barrier is the language.
This level include all other kind of barriers. Culture,language,believes etc.

<strong>Factors to consider for effective evangelism</strong>
1. Knowing your audience
2. consider the oral culture as a mean of preaching
3. have the passion for Christ.
4. Walking in the empowerment of the holy spirit.
5. have faith that souls will come to the point of accepting Christ.
6.Understanding that evangelism is a warfare.

Who is an evangelist
1. A person of Prayer and fasting
2. A person of the word
3. An authentic christian
4. compassionate like Christ in sharing the Gospel.

Therefore let all be compelled by the love of Christ to heed the call and walk to the nations and share the Glorious love of Christ Jesus. We did not love Him first but he did.