The old is every past event or undesired, unwanted engagement into a status quo that holds one form the complete will of the Lord. When one receives of the lord as their savior God gives them surety of a new life which comes with the divinity (nature) of God.
The past comes with sower, pain, hatred, grudge, unforgiveness, reasons as to why one should not commit to the present and the future. It visors us from the big picture. It comes with a lot of noise in our thoughts why one should never chose the path of their destiny. At times we give in to the past with a doubt but one comfort themselves with the phrase. “Let the will of God be done” but in real sense is the Lords will doubtable? Does it contradict itself? Is it incompetent?
Today is the day of the kingdom. A day that the lord endorsed that as long it is today lets conform to the will of his kingdom by hearkening to the spirit. These day known as today (the present time) is a day of promise, peace, joy, forgiveness, repentance, loving, compassion, kindness and single-mindedness to the heavenly treasures. The past was a time of ignorance but today is the time for the change of all things in Christ Jesus. We are sure like Jesus on this world only if we do like Him.
The future is full of what we all hope for. It’s not defined in carnality but by God who prophesy and makes it be. His plan is great for they that he loves. But in all this, today matters. The present defines the completeness of a being. God defined his completeness with his present (I AM). He got a past and has a future but His present has the hold of it all.