A day came to me like a nightmare. full of darkness, fear creeped to the deepest part of my heart and death made the clearest call than all. I was at a point where men pitted and were very sorry because my health was wanting. every fluid that came out of my body was blood. I chose to sleep near a mortuary for thev ease to store my body after departure. but Jesus was not done with me yet. at 2 pm doctors picked me to an hospital bed and immediately… external feeders were inserted into my veins. a group of teachers from my former high school came and my lovely mum too was there in pain and in my little consciousness, I had them prayer. Mum was praying in a deep pain and after all this all left in tears. God was gracious he instantly healed my body and the next day I was discharged. strongly I walked on my feet for more than 4km home. to date sickness is a history in my life..’God has brought you to life that you may serve Him’ those are my mum’s words after I was healed… This is my prayer that who he that healed me. He is healing you to day from every sickness in Jesus name…‪#‎StillInService4God‬