The salvation of the Lord is eternal. It is founded in the blood of the lamb of God. Therefore as Jesus says that nothing that can snatch them that the father has given me from my hands. How sweet that is.! But a lievof the devil has taken roots in the hearts of many and have ended into condemnation while Christ assures us that to them that have believed there is no condemnation. At times we lose the track by entangling ourselves with the sinful but this doesnt mean restoration ain’t there for you. The blood of Jesus is there for the cleansing power to redeem you and sanctify you. “One day I lost my way, forsaken the way of truth and went gratifying the passions of the flesh, I walked my paths without the light of God. Though I lost much by missing out the presence of God which I believe I could be far beyond where I am, I still have Christ in me as my saviour for when I turned my back from him he still sort to restore me. Am confident to say He has used me more now than he used me before. And his zeal burns in me all day.’ You might have fallen out but your not fallen forever. Jesus is seeking to restore you. All you need is to listen to the voice of the spirit that is calling and don’t harden your heart. God wants and has come to heal you. His sacrifice was made once and for all so that those that believe will not need an annual sacrifice for their cleansing.Jesus is the priest through heavens. He has been tested like you have and therefore he understands all situations and is able to sympathise with your weakness(Hebrews 4:15).