Forgive: to pardon or to waive any negative feeling or desire for punishment.
Forgiveness: the action or the readiness to pardon or to waive any negative feeling or desire for punishment upon another person. It always granted to an individual who have trespassed (deviated from the truth) or even offended another person (debt). Forgiveness entails the willingness in our hearts to sincerely let go or omit all the wrong doings that someone may have done to us. The reality of our forgiveness is determined by how much we are willing to forget the past and move on.
God is the author of forgiveness since through Him we who never deserved to be forgiven are set free by the blood of Jesus Christ. He is therefore calling us to forgive even those whom as per our views should not be forgiven. However difficult this may be, crucify the flesh and every desire to see on in danger or being hurt that it may present since the flesh at times glories in seeing those who offend it suffering.
Biblical basis of forgiveness.
Matthew 18:21-35
•God is the initiator of the ministry of forgiveness.
• Forgiveness involves at least two parties i.e. the offended and the offensive.
• The forgiveness that the Lord granted is far much greater than that which any man can offer.
• Forgiveness is preceded by repentance, here the offensive party acknowledges the wrongs that he or she has committed then seeks to be forgiven by the one whom he offended.
• Forgiveness results to freedom_ we are set free and commissioned to continue with the ministry of forgiveness.
• We are called to forgive always and as many times as we can.
• Forgiveness is costly and it calls for us to pay every price possible to let go every wrong deeds done to us however painful it may seem. The bible acknowledges the complication in it all.
• Forgiveness has a reward from God _we are also forgiven our sins when we forgive.
Importance of forgiveness.
Grants us freedom_ we are assured of both the peace of heart and mind since in forgiveness we let go what could have been a burden in our hearts and even minds.
It shows our willingness to forget self and follow Christ_ it becomes the best tool for evangelism since through forgiveness we extend the love and mercy extended to us by God those who have offended us. They are able to see the nature of Christ who is in us and thus desire to know Him.
We are assured of God’s forgiveness unto us_ this the reward that God Has set aside for they that believe and are able to forgive others. Our debts are cancelled. ( v 24)
Consequences of forgiveness
• We risk leading the Christ like life_ the bible requires us to seek peace and holiness at all times. Hebrews 12:13-15
• It gives a loop hole for the enemy to work out his will in us. 2 Corinthians 2:5-11
• We depreciate the greatness of God_ He was much willing to forgive us our sins through a price so we have no reason not to forgive.
• God Himself will not forgive us_ we risk God’s forgiveness when we do not forgive.
• We are tied in the bondage of bitterness_ this affects how effective we would have served the Lord.
Since we were forgiven by God we have been commissioned to continue with this mission of forgiveness. ( reality , complexity and consequences). As ambassadors of Christ we are called

By: bro Stephen Okoth