He is more than you could ever need, more than the eyes could see
I don’t deserve His love, but He is always there for me
You see Jesus met me at my lowest, and if you don’t know Jesus know this,
He is the greatest example of generosity this world of greed has ever seen
And when Jesus hit the scene, He changed the scenery, met diversity wit serenity
And if you are looking for peace He offers plenty.
Jesus was and Jesus will forever be king, and when the angels sing
They sing of His grace that was displayed on the cross for a sinner like me
I can’t explain HIM, and I can’t describe Him, and if I could,
He couldn’t be Jesus, because you can’t explain eternity and you can’t comprehend the galaxies
But it was the loving hands of Jesus who spine them into existence
Created men knowing He would go to the cross to pay for our sentence
There was a certificate of judgment with a period after the sentence
And we were sentenced to death long before He said its finished
He is the father to the orphan, shelter to the homeless, hiding place to the abused
And an anchor for our storms, he stormed the gates of hell and came out on top
And the power of His gospel can never be stopped
Even if the world tries, and they try a lot

He traded places with Barabbas and became a catalyst of missions across the world
Covering every portion of the atlas
If you are in need of rest, I know of a mattress
And if you don’t know Jesus, your future is tragic
But He gladly empressed tragedy that we may live in the presence of His majesty
His presence is present, and it’s His presence that presents preciousness to a world of peasants
He is far from pretentious but still loves those who are
He is the light of the world, He brings the dead to life and delivers His life to the dead
He took a crown of thorns on His head so that we may put our crowns at His feet
I can’t wait until I get to kiss His feet, that were nailed for me, and for you and for everyone around the world
He loves the world and I love His word because the word became flesh and in His flesh He demonstrated the Word to the world
He is an example to every boy and girl,
He is a lover of black people; He is a lover of white people
He is a lover of the unchurched and assembly under the steeple
He doesn’t see believers’ failures but still takes time to celebrate their faithfulness
It’s the power of the Spirit that enables us and gives us boldness even when the world labels us
And if you wanna label me call be a Jesus freak
And if that freaks you out good, because it’s better to be good with God
Than to fight being misunderstood by a world that could never understand
So let it be understood that I don’t worship man, we worship Jesus

Though He doesn’t need us, He sees us, He pleads with us
To run to the cross where He bled for us,
His heart bleeds for us, His heart grieves for us
But still graciously grants us a pardon for our treason
In a season where the world tries to explain the work of the Spirit with human reasoning
There is a reason that He came
The Spirit is like wind cannot be seen
but loved is the one who believes without seeing the unseen
I’m telling you today that Jesus is something, He is something more, He is something great
And if you wanna know Him you don’t have to wait
He stands at the narrow path with a key to the gate
And you only have to reach out and empress his grace

I don’t care who is president I have a king who is always present
I don’t care who hold musical celebrity, the voice of the Lord will always be the sweetest melody
I don’t care who owns the riches of the globe, my Jesus holds royal wealth in a ruby of His robe
I don’t care who is strongest or fastest, nothing matches the creator of the universe in His immortal infinite status
I don’t care about religious leaders who died and remain dead, I only worship the one who conquered death and wears a crown on His head
His name is Jesus and I’m telling you He is something
He was faithful yesterday, He is faithful today and I can feel His presence whenever I pray
And when my time comes to fade away
I will always remember when I heard Him say

By: Bro. Calistas Wanga