smart dressedWorst Dressing

For a while i have been watching and researching on modesty and its impact in our social lives. Am yet to give a detailed report but i cant wait informing you on this.
You will wonder what causes men to follow a specific lady and none of them wants to be with her in all other places apart from secluded places. Am sorry to say, its not that they love you but something else is at the back of their minds “Sex” and we also have ladies who only sober men associate with them and in a respectful way. Every man would want to be with her in a public place for all to witness. The first impression or attraction made to a man determines the next step that they may decide to take. I can simply say, The first impression shapes the long run of a friendship or even a relationship.

If at the first sight, the attraction is sex, then this will definitely mean if a friendship will be made out of that, the friendship will be based on fulfilling a sexual desire. Otherwise, if its based on respect, then this makes the base of a long lasting friendship as well as relationship.

A lady who is decently clothed attracts respect from men and as well other ladies. Note: Only straight-forward men can approach them for a friendship or even a lasting relationship. Such friendships last since sexual sin has no roots thus easily avoidable. unlike that who exposes all of her body which will always arouse men and cause them to make a move to her not for anything else but sex.
Have you heard this words form a man? “You look sexy”. ooh. think for a minute what does it mean. Then lets see. Have you heard this words form a man? “You look beautiful and smartly dressed”. Then think of it too.
You may ask. Author what do you wanna mean here.!? I mean behind those two comments from men there is a meaning for each. They either build respect for you or make you a “lust quencher”. Think about it for a while.. I will be back soon with more on this.. #DressingSmart