Is God real? this is a question everyone a believer or a non-believer may ask when questioned on what you believe in. I must say for unbelievers its understandable when they ask such a question because I get a platform to share the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.But in the case of believers, asking such a question risks your faith if you really had no experience with God. Experiencing God in a personal way makes Him evident (real).

Mhhh. After asking myself questions as to why such a question should come, I also dared ask myself and had many things to question too about my Faith. Huh..! Yes question my faith. But this was the best thing i have just learnt by the Holy Spirit.
Follow my story:
when i was a young believer, i really didn’t know many things regarding God.But i remember i had a so intense push in me to walk in that faith with a confidence that is not given in knowledge but of a supreme power. Many things where happening in me, change every aspect of my living.My sturbon nature was easily removed, my impatience lost and I really felt i was a new creation. This reminds me of this word: 2 corithian5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here! This true for sure it happened in and to me. This would be one reason i should remain founded in my believe. It didn’t take a chemical reaction for me to be who i am therefore science has not force behind that. It to God to change me…Get this Too: While still growing in my christian faith, I learnt that God do not only save us but gives us gifts and by his grace and mercy gives us an heavenly language that which we tirelessly talk to him by His Spirit. I had a strong desire to operate in this… a times i would try to imitate those who operated in it but was all impossible since it is not a made up thing. It Must come from God through the Holy Spirit. I took time for me until one day that i was walking to a choir practice session while in campus and God revealed to me a new glory to my prayer life that would chance not only me but the people around me. I really didn’t know it was what i had desired for a period of time. Unlike other days, the prayer session which used to take some minutes was uncontrollable such that we all were taken into the cloud of prayer. I just came to realize after a worship chorus was sang that i was in my knees and praying in unknown language to me… that was a turning point in my prayer life.

If really there is no God, what would have caused such things to happen in my life.? I carnally tried it and it failed until God did it…You may probably say it was illusion but what is that that make illusion a reality?

You may choose to serve another thing but how I prayer that you may see this great salvation that is given to us through Christ’s Death and resurrection.Shalom